on the line

2012 On the Line

9 January 2012

“On the Line” – Whether you’ve heard this phrase from a coach trying to condition his players or have used it to describe your level of commitment, the words elicit a versatile interpretation. For Fire Dawgs in 2012, it represents our short past, current present and prospective future.

on the line
Fire Dawgs are “On the Line” in 2012

Aaron and I took a substantial risk starting a business in this economy; a calculated risk for certain, but there are no guarantees in business and certainly not in an economy resting at 9% unemployment. However, our motivation is pure. We are no doubt in the junk removal industry to be profitable, but we aim to build this junk removal business into a reliable and trustworthy operation capable of creating and sustaining employment for future employees.

Unfortunately, just putting yourself on the line isn’t enough, you’ve got to deliver. Right now, one could say we are just a lot of hot air with idealistic goals. We’ve heard the laughs, criticism and taken the negative feedback about starting our junk removal company. It is easy to be a critic when sitting on the sidelines. However, in 2012, Fire Dawgs will continue putting it on the line to see our goals for this company come to fruition.

If you, your friends or family have a need for household junk removal and junk hauling, put your trust in Fire Dawgs and let our actions prove to you that we are the only trusted name for junk removal and hauling for Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at 317-291-DAWG or drop us line for a free junk removal estimate. Or, check out our local Indianapolis dumpster rental company over at Dumpster Dawgs for a do it yourself option.

May you all have a Happy New Year!