BLOG Month: August 2012

When to Cut Ties with a Service Provider

When to Cut Ties with a Service Provider I recently learned a valuable lesson in my young tenure as a business owner and the lesson is one that I feel translates into the world of both business owners and customers. You see, an often overlooked aspect of business is that customers may forget, or fail …

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Using Social Media in Your Services Business

Tips for Using Social Media in Your Services Business When starting down this road of starting up a junk removal business, I knew that I was going to have to tackle the Social Media animal and find out now only how to use it, but also how to use it effectively within the home services …

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3 Reasons to Hire Companies from Angie’s List

Why You Should Hire Companies from Angie’s List Something just went wrong in your house, or you are now getting around to that project that you have been putting off. Whether it’s calling someone over to snake the shower drain or if you are finally getting around to cleaning out your basement and now need to …

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Furniture Disposal Indianapolis

Furniture Disposal Indianapolis Can Trust Let’s talk about furniture disposal Indianapolis and the surrounding areas can trust. I’m gonna bring up a couple examples and you can determine how relevant this is to your situation. Although these two scenarios don’t accurately describe everyone’s situation, they are two of our common occurrences. Rest assured, even if …

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Get Rid of Furniture Indianapolis

How to Get Rid of Furniture in Indianapolis Have you ever seen that guy driving down the road with a pickup truck full of, well, junk? Yeah, we know those guys all too well and let us just start by clarifying that we are not that type of service provider. We believe that in order …

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Don’t Let Junk Pile Up Around Your House

We Don’t Let Junk Pile Up Around Your House! It starts out harmless. You have something large, bulky and it has worn out its use or is just another piece destined for the trash pile. Like picks up, you forget to break it down or set it out for heavy trash day and then, like …

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Items Junk Removal Companies Can’t Take

A List of Common Items Junk Removal Companies Can’t Take A common conversation between us and customers consists of a brief description the customers give us of their items they need to get rid of; unfortunately, within that conversation, there are sometimes items junk removal companies can’t take. Being that we are a junk removal …

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Office Moving and Junk Removal

Making the decision to move your business is more than just, well, a business decision. Often times, it comes with a little emotion as that office space has been like a second home for a large part of your life. It’s the space where you took your vision and made it into a reality so …

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Avoid the Clutter Monster

‘Avoid the Clutter Monster’ isn’t just a phrase meant to personify junk, or to be taken literal as to just turn a blind eye to the overgrowing mound of uwanted items. It is instead meant to inform readers and customers so that they know that if they are dealing with a clutter monster then that …

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