BLOG Month: September 2012

Local Moving Indianapolis Can Trust

Local Moving Indianapolis Can Trust: Moving Dawgs Your first thought may be, why would I hire a junk removal company to do my local moving? After all, junk removal companies are typically hired to throw junk in the back of a beat up truck, or haul away old pieces of furniture that were no longer …

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How to Get Rid of Scrap Wood

For the weekend warriors of do it yourself-ers, tackling the project itself isn’t your only obstacle. Once you’ve finished cutting up your 2 x 4’s and lined out your last piece of drywall, you may forget that you left a pile of scrap wood and other pieces of remodeling debris while you put on your …

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REO Cleanup Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs Provides REO Cleanup Indianapolis Can Rely On Are you searching for REO Cleanup Indianapolis can trust?  Real Estate Owned properties often come with a variety of different challenges that can range from the need for a company to clean out the clutter and contents or it could be something more severe such as tearing …

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Firefighter Trash Removal

Firefighter Trash Removal in Indianapolis “Owned and Operated by Firefighters” is a badge of honor that we use to advertise our service. When you search for junk removal or trash hauling, try prefacing that search phrase with the word firefighter in front of it and you will have an appreciation for a business that not …

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Companies Who Clean Out Houses

Are you Looking for Companies Who Clean Out Houses? In life, there are a number of different circumstances that can lead you to a point where you are faced with how to handle a house filled with clutter. For starters, you could be a collector and before you know it you are over run with …

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Transform Junk Indianapolis Can Use

How to Transform Junk While providing junk hauling Indianapolis can trust, we also convey to customer the importance of recycling, reusing and donating as many of the items we remove as possible. Currently, that commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the amount of waste we produce has served our business and customers well. …

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