BLOG Month: October 2012

Get Rid of Trash in Indianapolis

Need to Get Rid of Trash in Indianapolis? Call Fire Dawgs! When it comes time to get rid of trash in Indianapolis, it may seem like a fairly easy process on the surface; after all, for the most part, we have trash cans and simply take those bags to our respective containers and then move …

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Indianapolis Leaf Removal

With the weather changing and the wind blowing, it’s inevitable that your front yard will start calling for more yard work. While some people will be able to rid their small yards by firing up the lawnmower, others will be forced to get out there with a rake and lawn waste bag. Not only do …

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Furniture Moving Indianapolis

We have learned since the launch of our junk hauling company that a lot of times when customers go searching for what it is they need done, they don’t know what to type in the search engine. For example, if you needed something simple done, say like moving a washer from the basement up to …

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How to Dispose of Paint

How to Dispose of Paint While providing junk removal Indianapolis can trust, we often come across customers that have a number of items that we can’t take. You see, most trash hauling companies can not or are not supposed to get rid of hazardous materials for customers. You see, these companies are not allowed to …

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Commercial Trash Cleanup Indianapolis

Commercial Trash Cleanup Indianapolis Can Trust Recently, a customer called in from California to manage the trash and haul away needs they had at one of their facilities in Indiana. They had found us on the internet and were hoping that we could help, but we went one step further and took the stress away …

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Battery Removal Indianapolis

Battery Removal Indianapolis Can Depend On This post is intended to inform readers about a service that provides battery removal Indianapolis can trust. Try going to a disposal facility with one of say a car or truck battery, and you may have already found out that it costs an arm and a leg just to …

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Indianapolis Hoarding Cleanup

We have had the pleasure of helping a number of families, customers and organizers deal with what most refer to, and what is commonly known, as hoarding. Some people do not prefer the term and think it is an ugly word, so we can also just call it an over accumulation of stuff, but regardless …

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