BLOG Month: November 2012

Hoarding Cleanup in Indianapolis

Hoarding Cleanup in Indianapolis: Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Our screened, uniformed employees love challenges. We are comprised of off duty firefighters, veterans and service members… If our Squad of workers isn’t up for a challenge then who is?! Nobody can take a challenge head on better than the team at Fire Dawgs. We are able …

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Event Cleanup Indianapolis

Event Cleanup in Indianapolis There is a lot of planning that goes into events and during that planning process, it can become easy while accounting for all the elements that make the event a success, to forget about how to deal with the aftermath. A large number of guests requires supplies, food and other items …

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Big Trash Pickup Indianapolis

Death and Taxes… and Trash! It’s inevitable, we all accumulate and create trash or waste. More often than not, we have a weekly pickup service that will come and grab¬†our Hefty bags from our 55 gallon buckets and be on the way with those smelly baags. However, there are a number of restrictions that come …

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Haul Away Junk Indianapolis IN

Technology is incredibly convenient and makes life so much easier. For example, if you have a thought, or are in need of something, but aren’t sure what to type in to find it, odds are if you just enter into the search engine what is on your mind, you will get some relevant results. For …

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Storage Unit Removal Indianapolis

Storage Unit Removal Indianapolis Can Trust When you move into your home and realize how quickly you can run out of storage space, a pragmatic solution that many people come up with is renting out a storage unit for a small monthly fee.¬†However, what happens when you move, or the storage unit becomes so full …

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Clean Out Your Cluttered Garage

It seems like a sea of excuses always get in the way when it come time to clean out your cluttered garage. What started as just a couple boxes from Lowe’s after buying your new mower, turned into a catch all for scrap wood from the miter saw cuts. Your floor, which is still accompanied …

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