BLOG Month: December 2012

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How and What To Recycle in Indianapolis

Considering the time of year, and amidst a consumer driven economy, it is safe to say that we produce a large amount of waste. Now, that being said, a lot of what is waste didn’t necessarily start out as junk or trash. For example, you bought your child a big new playhouse for Christmas. That …

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Drywall Sheetrock Cleanup in Indianapolis

The need for drywall sheetrock cleanup in Indianapolis often becomes clear during the planning process of any home renovation, remodeling project or tear out. Being aware that you need to get rid of drywall is not really a useful part of the planning process as it only makes you aware that there is a large …

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Remodeling Debris Disposal Indianapolis

Home renovations are typically an exciting time. After all, if your household is anything like mine, then you put in a lot of planning to make this new renovation a reality and so when you finally see all that time spent budgeting and saving pay off, it is a rewarding experience. During this process, however, there …

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Christmas Tree Removal Indianapolis

How many of you out there have a certain number of Christmas movies you watch when it gets to be this time of year? I am definitely guilty and we here at the Fire Dawgs & Moving Dawgs family love the Christmas spirit and definitely enjoy a certain number of movies. Whether it be A …

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Labor Services in Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs Offers Labor Services in Indianapolis Have you ever had a situation where you know you need something done, but you weren’t sure who to call or how much you should pay? For example, you just made a purchase on Craigslist for an awesome dining room table that you finally found at a reasonable …

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Home Cleanouts in Indiana

When customers call for home cleanouts in Indiana, they are doing so because they have come across a situation that is a bit overwhelming. The scope of work involved with a home that is completely full of clutter and trash can present a daunting outlook. How am I going to find the time to get …

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