BLOG Month: February 2013

Play Set Removal Indianapolis

Recently, we got a call into our Customer Care Center from a repeat customer asking, “Do you guys also perform play set removal?” We replied enthusiastically that not only do we perform tear these items down and dispose of them responsibly, but we provide play set removal Indianapolis and all of the surrounding areas can trust! Since the customer had …

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Highly Reviewed Junk Removal Companies

A lot of times, we don’t necessarily know when we need junk removal services. When your drain starts to clog and back up, you know you need a plumber or handyman. When a fuse blows or an outlet fails to work, you know you may need an electrician. However, months may go by before you …

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Trampoline Removal Indianapolis

Remember that big bouncy contraption in the backyard that your kids used to love. Perhaps you were also guilty of a bounce or two as well 🙂 After years of enjoyment, or lack there of, these items can begin to decay and rust. Dismantling these toys can be difficult at times and that’s before you …

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Foreclosure Cleanup Indianapolis

As a lending instituion, or a realtor representing a lending instituion, you may have a process in place when dealing with foreclosed homes. I don’t know this side of the business, but as a homeowner myself and having worked in foreclosed homes, I would like to think the goal of anyone holding a foreclosed home …

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Help Clean Out Garage

Last summer, I cleaned out my garage to get it ready for some afternoon barbeques, race parties for the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400, as well as just making room so that I can start laying out the plans for my future man cave. The parties came and went, a little beer pong was played, …

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Pick Up Unwanted Items Indianapolis

After completing the laborious task of getting your trash and organized so that you can set it out on the curb, you realize you have much more than what the trash company normally takes. Who cares, right? You already put in the work of getting it out there and you pay the trash company every …

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Pickup Furniture

A service that we get called for regularly by customers is when they need us to pickup furniture. Now, a lot of times during the course of those conversations with customers we get asked “Do you guys do this?” The answer to that question is Yes and it is more than likely ‘Yes’ to over …

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Apartment and Home Cleanup Indianapolis

When it comes to apartment and home cleanup Indianapolis residents can trust, the first distinction that needs to be made is whether you need cleaning or cleanout. Clean out services typically consist of junk removal, haul away and trash removal. However, at Fire Dawgs we don’t just “Pick Things Up, Put Things Down” like cave …

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