BLOG Month: March 2013

Spring Break and Junk Removal

Everybody looks forward to a certain time of¬†year in the midwest that symbolizes a transition from the bleak and dreary winter into the sunny and t-shirt wearing weather of spring. If you’re fortunate, then you start off this wonderful time of year by jumping on 65 South and head towards Florida. However, what happens a …

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Used Furniture Pick Up Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs is a reputable, trust and fully insured junk removal company servicing all of Indy and the Surrounding Areas. One of the services that we are known for is used furniture pick up Indianapolis can trust. Our service is so appreciated because we place and emphasis on Recycling, Reusing and Donating as many items …

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Clean Out House Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs recently¬†got an email into our Customer Care Center from a man needing us to “Clean Out House Indianapolis” Hey, sometimes you know what you want and you don’t need a lot of words, typos and all! We can appreciate that, so we got back to the customer right away and since he preferred …

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