BLOG Month: February 2014

Do You Provide Play Set Removal Services?

Question: Can you tear down and remove play sets? A: Yes, we most certainly can tear down and remove your play set. The play set removal process is fairly simple and starts with being informed. The physical act of tearing down and removing the play set is a service that should be performed by professionals …

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Do junk removal companies donate items?

Question: Do junk removal companies donate items? Answer: Yes! Not only do we try and donate items when asked by our customers to do so, but even when customers don’t ask us to donate items, we will still try and sort out items that deserve a second chance and deliver them to charitable outlets. There …

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Why Does Junk Removal Cost So Much?

Question : Why does Junk Removal cost so much? Answer: As a junk removal company, it is our responsibility to be ethical, transparent and helpful all while still providing a service that affords us the opportunity to turn a profit. We aren’t perfect, and we are always learning, but we do make an earnest effort …

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How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

Question: How much does junk removal cost? How much does junk removal cost? We base our pricing on volume, or the amount of room that the items take up in our truck. We have a mini dump truck that can hold 16 cubic yards of debris and unwanted items, or what we call 5 pickup truck …

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Where to Recycle Batteries in Indianapolis

What do you do after your electronic devices have sucked the life out of your batteries? Do you throw them away? Do you think to yourself, “I can’t just throw these away; batteries in landfills can’t be good for the environment, especially our water supply.” Well, if you’re like me, you want to find a …

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