BLOG Month: March 2014

Brush Clean Up in Indianapolis

Where Can I Get Help with Brush Clean Up in Indianapolis?  When the weather breaks in Indiana, the melting snow and cold weather unveils what has been eluding us all winter and early spring… Yard Waste and Brush! The windy spring after a brittle winter equals tree limbs scattered throughout the yard. Most of the …

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Apartment Trash Out in Indianapolis

Apartment Trash Out  Do you have an apartment full of junk, trash and other unwanted items? Is the mess so bad that you would rather have someone else deal with than have to clean it out yourself? The good news is, you are only a few steps away from having the mess completely wiped out …

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Companies Who Clean Out Basements

Are there Companies Who Clean Out Basements? The basement, sometimes inevitably, will become the predetermined storage unit for your house, condo or property. It may not necessarily consist of “junk” or “unwanted items” but instead could be things that you intend to use down the road for a future man cave or things you wanted …

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Pick Up My Junk in Indianapolis

Pick up my junk in Indianapolis? You go it! We make the process incredibly simple and set it up so you can take it easy while we do the heavy lifting and dirty work. Let’s go through some of the steps. First, get a general idea of what exactly you need picked up. Once you …

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TV Removal Services in Indianapolis

Question: Who provides TV Removal Services in Indianapolis? Answer: Fire Dawgs, of course! We understand that the answer to this question may not be easy as our four word response and part of that is due to the new laws surrounding proper television disposal procedures within Indianapolis and Indiana. However, before we get into the …

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Who will haul away remodeling debris?

Question: Who will haul away remodeling debris? Answer: That depends. Do you want a company that can provide the labor necessary to load up and haul away remodeling debris OR do you want a company that can provide a dumpster so that you can save a few dollars by loading up the debris yourself and …

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