BLOG Month: April 2014

Garage Organization Tips

Garage Organization Tips for Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas When the weather breaks and we emerge from hibernation, we sprawl into our backyards to enjoy the warm weather. How do we enjoy the weather? If you’re anything like my wife and I, we torture ourselves with hours of hard labor repairing urine spots in the grass …

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I Need a Company to Pick Up Junk in Indianapolis

I Need a Company to Pick Up Junk in Indianapolis  Sometimes we just want to type in the search engines exactly what we are thinking and expect it to deliver results that actually apply to what we need. Fortunately, Google is smart enough to make that happen and if you are reading this post then …

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Businesses that Clean Out Houses

Businesses that Clean Out Houses  If you find yourself searching for businesses that clean out houses, then let this post serve as a guide for what criteria you should use when doing so. There are a lot of different situations that bring customers to this type of search, but the companies that provide this service …

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Affordable Basement Clean Out Options

What Are Some Affordable Basement Clean Out Options? If you have a basement full of clutter, unwanted items or junk, then you will hopefully find this post very helpful. We understand that not only do you want to reclaim your basement space so that you can get back to envisioning how you will use the …

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Who will pick up junk in Carmel?

Fire Dawgs Can Pick Up Junk in Carmel! Finding a company to perform the service that you’re looking for isn’t always a challenge; however, do they perform the service in your specific area? When you need a company to pick up junk in Carmel, not only do you need to find a company that services …

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Is there a discount if the items are curbside?

Is there a discount if the items are curbside? Yes. If customers are needing items removed and they are willing to take care of the initial removal process by setting the items out by the curb, or piling them up outside near the house thereby making our job much easier, then we will accommodate those customers …

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