BLOG Month: May 2014

Local Junk Removal Companies

Local Junk Removal Companies As things pile up and begin to clutter certain areas within your home, you find yourself looking for the solution. You may start with organizing your garage, basement or whatever area you were working in, but may still have junk or unwanted items left over. If you’re a do it yourself …

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Tear Out and Demo Crew

Tear Out and Demo Crew I got my start in business buying and fixing up old distressed properties in Terre Haute, Indiana near the Indiana State University campus. Since the properties I bought were often in need of extensive renovation and rehab, I performed a lot of tear out and demo. Some of my projects …

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Tear Outs on Rehab Properties

Tear Outs on Rehab Properties Real estate investors are good at what they do because they can look at an eye sore and recognize the potential within. Often times, this is beneficial to both the investor and the community because they are able to take an otherwise ugly duckling and turn it into the swan …

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Trash Out Companies in Indianapolis

Trash Out Companies in Indianapolis A common misconception is that junk removal companies are the same as your trash pickup companies that come around and pick up your weekly trash from your trash bins. There are many differences and a few distinct differences are the crews, the trucks used and the services provided. Your typical …

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Heavy Trash Removal in Indianapolis

Heavy Trash Removal in Indianapolis We all have our trash bins and use them for our typical household trash that accumulates from week to week. Most trash companies will include a day where they will also allow you to sit out bulk items that don’t fit in your typical trash bin. However, even then, many …

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Tear Down and Haul Away Old Playset

Fire Dawgs Can Tear Down and Haul Away Old Playset Play Sets are almost like a right of passage in parenting. We want our kids to grow up happy, have fun and enjoy themselves while doing so in our backyards. A play set seems like the perfect amenity to ensure our little ones are entertained; …

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Brush Pile Removal in Indianapolis

Brush Pile Removal in Indianapolis Ever find yourself tackling a backyard project in order to improve the aesthetics of your living space only to find that you may have just ended up creating a larger mess than what was there before? What started out as cutting down some small bushes turned into removing larger overgrown …

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Do You Provide Demolition Services?

Demolition Services We Provide At Fire Dawgs, we have earned a solid reputation, supported by hundreds of reviews on sites like Angie’s List, Google+, Facebook and more, for performing our bread and butter junk removal services. On a typical day, we haul away brush, carry out old TV’s and remove unwanted items from your basement, …

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Fire Dawgs vs Got Junk

How do Fire Dawgs’ Costs compare to Got Junk Prices? When it comes to pricing, Fire Dawgs is and will always be cheaper than Got Junk and all other franchised competitors that service Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas. We can say this with absolute certainty and if there is ever a time when you received …

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