BLOG Month: June 2014

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Brush Removal Fishers IN

Brush Removal Fishers IN After the large amount of storms that we’ve had over the past couple months, many yard in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas such as Fishers, have filled with large amounts of branches and tree limbs. In addition, a lot of greenery has been growing like weeds which can lead to a …

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Haul Away Storm Debris in Indianapolis

Haul Away Storm Debris in Indianapolis While my wife took our baby boy to the basement during the storm on Tuesday as tornadoes touched down on the west side of Indianapolis, I was in a meeting on the North Side in a meeting. When the meeting was over, I grabbed my phone and saw half …

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Tree Branch Hauling Indianapolis

Tree Branch Hauling Indianapolis In November of 2013, I was in the front room of our house watching football with my wife. We had been keeping an eye out on the weather since we knew a pretty nasty storm was headed our way. It was pretty easy to tell that it was going to be …

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Cleanup Storm Debris in Indianapolis

If you’re a light sleeper like me, then you too were probably woken up by the sound of a thunderous crack around midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I remember many storms and normally welcome a night sleeping through the rain, but this was a violent crack of thunder that not only woke me but sent …

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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Company Summary

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Company Summary Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a residential and commercial junk removal company local to Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas. Since our inception in 2012, we have been featured as an Angie’s List Best Contractor, named a Super Service Award Winner for every year we have been in business and …

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How Much to Clean Debris from a Home

How Much to Clean Debris from a Home? Our pricing varies depending on the amount and size items being removed as well as the complexity of the work involved; however, our pricing includes all of our labor to remove the items regardless of where they are located at on the property. It also includes all …

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Hot Tub Removal Greenwood IN

Hot Tub Removal Greenwood IN In order to adequately provide hot tub removal services, a company should be able to meet a certain set of unwritten, but incredibly important requirements. Rather than just hire the first company off of Craigslist offering “the cheapest prices in town” you should ensure that if something goes wrong that …

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Pickup and Haul Away Brush in Indianapolis

Pickup and Haul Away Brush in Indianapolis When you start piling up yard waste and brush, the work in and of itself can be tiring. Now, after you consider that the pile you spent all Saturday working on in an effort to clean up your yard is still at the back of the house, then …

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Clutter Removal Indianapolis

Clutter Removal Indianapolis I’m convinced after watching my wife and I do this so many times ourselves, that when you have those items that you’re just not ready to let go of yet, but you don’t necessarily have a use for them either, then we all just kind of stow them away “for later.” Every …

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Who Will Haul Away a Hot Tub in Indianapolis?

Who Will Haul Away a Hot Tub in Indianapolis? Answer: Fire Dawgs Junk Removal ! Okay, for the sake of pleasing search engines and remaining an informative website for our customers, we will elaborate with a more appropriate response to the question, “who will haul away a hot tub in Indianapolis?” Fire Dawgs Junk Removal will do …

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