BLOG Month: November 2014

Tile Removal Indianapolis

Tile Removal Indianapolis Can Trust In the remodeling, repairing or general improving of a space or property, it is common to come across a large section of tile. What was once the foundation of a room has now become a burden amidst the surrounding changes. While this product is strong and beautiful, thereby tying a …

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Movers for Labor Only

Movers for Labor Only in Indianapolis Do you have the truck and the ambition but just need some extra muscle to get the job done? The team at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can help. Our brother company Moving Dawgs trains all of the removers at FDJR to also work as movers so that they can …

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Veteran Owned Junk Removal Company in Indianapolis

 When choosing a junk removal company to help with the heavy lifting, hauling and debris removal, it’s important that you find a legitimate company that is licensed and fully insured. In addition, it should also be important to customers that the company they hire have a good reputation with a solid customer service record. However, …

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Property Cleanup Specialists in Indianapolis

We Are Property Cleanup Specialists in Indianapolis When you have a property, inside or outside, that is overrun with clutter and excess junk, it can quickly become overwhelming. You’re faced with having to tackle the job yourself and waste several hours cleaning up a mess when you could have been doing something else or you’re …

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Shed Tear Down Services in Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs Shed Tear Down Services in Indianapolis I had an old shed in my backyard. From afar, it didn’t look that bad. But, as you approached it, you realized that it was far from good. The base of the shed was starting to erode away, the paint was chipping away, the shingles on the …

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Need Help Cleaning Up After a Hoarder?

Are there tunnels in your living space? You know, where items have been stacked so high on both sides that there is only one viable path remaining to get you from the living room to the kitchen. Is it a calisthenics work out to move around in your bedroom? Meaning, do you have to step …

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