BLOG Month: January 2015

Landscaping Demolition in Indianapolis

Yes, it is January. But! Spring is just around the corner. Really it is. We promise. So, it is time to start thinking about spring landscaping projects. Whatever the size and scope of your project, you can count on Fire Dawgs for help with the landscaping demolition, tear out, and disposal. Fire Dawgs Junk Removal …

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Do Junk Removal Companies Recycle?

Great Question! The answer is, Yes! For quite a while, and even still, there has been a perception that exists when it comes to junk removal companies that we all just take junk to the dump for a quick buck. Other perceptions are that we all drive beat up pickup trucks, haul around trash all …

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DIY Hot Tub Removal

Do have a need to remove your old hot tub, but are not ready to pay for a company to do the work for you? No worries! Just because we aren’t winning your business doesn’t mean we still won’t help you take care of the job yourself! For DIY Hot Tub Removal, follow these basic …

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Remove and Dispose of Large Projection TV

Rewind ten years ago, when it was uncommon to own a thin, sleek flat screen television for an affordable price. You know, before Walmart was offering 50” Flat Screens for $149 on Black Friday? Right, those days; those were the days where instead of a flat screen, we all coveted the large piece of furniture …

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Get Rid of Christmas Boxes in Indianapolis

How to Get Rid of Christmas Boxes in Indianapolis My family and I like to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at some point on Christmas Eve. My wife and I always like the scene where Chevy Chase is watching an old reel film of a past Christmas (right before the attic door drops out from …

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