BLOG Month: June 2015

Who Can Haul Away Junk in Zionsville?

Wanting to know who can haul away junk in Zionsville? Not only will Fire Dawgs haul away your junk, but we will also recycle, reuse of donate as many of your unwanted items as possible before just hauling them off to the dump. We understand that your primary focus may just be to reclaim your garage …

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What Items Will Junk Removal Companies Not Take?

Many times customers assume since we’re a junk removal company we will take anything. But that’s not true. There are certain items that have their own special disposal system that need to be handled individually by the customer. These materials are also commonly referred to as hazardous waste. The reason we cannot haul them is …

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Repossessed House Clean Out in Indianapolis

We are happy to be the company that comes in to provide a repossessed house clean out in Indianapolis. Unfortunately in the case of a repossessed house many times the house is not probably cleaned out before being taken over. The previous inhabitants have to get out as quickly as possible – and usually aren’t too happy …

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Freezer Removal Indianapolis

Appliances, like freezers, are one of those items people just don’t know what to do with or simply don’t have the time to deal with once they are done with them. Freezers are usually one of those extra appliances people like to keep around in the garage or basement but there may come a time when …

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How to Get Rid of Trash Junk in Indianapolis

Are you wondering how to get rid of trash junk in Indianapolis? There are many reasons to get rid of stuff. It could be that you’re moving and downsizing or maybe you’re moving but just want a fresh start in your new place and so need to get rid of outdated items. Or it could be the opposite …

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