BLOG Month: May 2017

Our Favorite Reusable Shopping Bags

Farmers market season is upon us, and it’s time to break out your favorite reusable shopping bags! Oh wait, you’re still using plastic? It’s time to get shopping, and find the perfect reusable shopping bags that meet your needs and style! Below is a list of our favorite reusable shopping bags: Favorite Reusable Shopping Bags …

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Do Junk Removal Companies Take Paint?

Here is a question we get asked all the time: Do Junk Removal Companies Take Paint? The short answer to this great question is: yes, if the paint is dried out. We will share ways to dry out paint for proper disposal below. To add to our answer: junk removal companies take paint, just not wet paint. We can’t …

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Carpet Removal in Indianapolis

Are you in need of carpet removal in Indianapolis? You have come to the right place! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a local, veteran-owned and operated company. We specialize in carpet tear out and removal. Our trained junk removal and demo technicians can help with carpet tear out, hauling, or both! Look no further than …

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House Trash Removal Indianapolis

Do you have a house full of trash and don’t know where begin with cleaning it up? Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is here to help! We offer professional and affordable house trash removal Indianapolis customers can trust. We are a local, veteran-owned and operated company, and we have the team, equipment, and experience to clean …

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Wooden Swing Set Removal Indianapolis

Do you have any old wooden swing set in your yard taking up space and becoming an eyesore? If so, you are one of many! When the kids are small, wooden swing sets provide hours of backyard entertainment. As the years pass, the swing set tends to get used less and less. It will eventually …

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