BLOG Month: April 2020

Servicing Guidance and Safety Procedures

Fire Dawgs’ Servicing Guidance and Safety Procedures for COVID-19 Overview: This manual is written for the rare instance that a pandemic has been declared by the CDC. It outlines the steps taken during the time of a pandemic to ensure that all employees and customers remain safe and cautious during the operation of a service …

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How We Handled our COVID-19 Non-Formal IOSHA Complaint

Recently, an IOSHA Complaint landed in our Info Account’s inbox. As a small business owner, it would be easy to see this and become wrought with worry, start panicking, become paranoid, etc. Instead, we followed advice from the man Jocko Willink and said, “Good.” Good? Yes, Good. OSHA raíses the bar for safety. COVID-19 …

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