BLOG Month: August 2020

What Does Fire Dawgs Do With Junk?

What does Fire Dawgs do with junk?┬áIt’s a great question! At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we recycle, donate or responsibly dispose of all the items we haul away. Some examples of items we frequently recycle are televisions (and other e-waste), appliances, any metal, cardboard and much more! Furthermore, we donate as many usable items as …

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Tree Branch Haul Away Carmel

Fire Dawgs offers brush and tree branch haul away in Carmel and the surrounding areas. Our team will remove all brush, branches, and other debris quickly. Furthermore, we don’t just haul away the brush, limbs, and other organic matter to the landfill. We take it to a recycling facility that transforms organic matter into items …

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