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Clean Out Your Cluttered Garage

Indianapolis Garage Junk Removal

It seems like a sea of excuses always get in the way when it come time to clean out your cluttered garage. What started as just a couple boxes from Lowe’s after buying your new mower, turned into a catch all for scrap wood from the miter saw cuts. Your floor, which is still accompanied by the aforementioned junk, is now laden with saw dust, dirt and loose bags from the hardware store. How could you let this happen?! This was supposed to be your man cave, the one room that you were going to get to make the way you wanted; after all, the wife got every other room in the house. Now, while she’s taking down Halloween decorations and putting up Thanksgiving decorations, your gonna be in that cluttered garage trying to dig up the Christmas lights. Good luck with that!

Listen, it’s not the end of the world and it’s something that almost everyone has to do at some point. We’re all guilty of leaving things in the garage like it’s a storage unit, but it what you do with the space afterwards that counts. See, all those loose pieces of scrap wood, trash and a floor full of saw dust describe our bread and butter. When you need to clean out your cluttered garage, call Fire Dawgs. We will send highly reviewed, screened and uniformed removers to your home that you can trust around your property. They will clear out all the unwanted items, and even patiently work with you if you want to go over everything that is getting thrown out. After the items are out, we will help you put the appropriate things back in place and then we will sweep up afterwards. The picture below is what we do with a garage cleanout. Call 317-291-DAWG.

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