When you drive through Berne, Indiana, you may feel like you are stepping into a Swiss village! Berne takes you away from reality and transports you into a community full of charm, simplicity, and pride. Berne is the furniture capital of Indiana and takes great pride in the furniture produced. It was also named #5 as one of the 20 Safest Cities in Indiana! It’s an attractive community to families and businesses all over Indiana. 


Berne has a wide array of businesses, restaurants, and attractions that bring in visitors and residents alike. Fire Dawgs understands that residents take pride and meticulous care of their homes and properties, so it is important they are offered junk services that meet their high standards. Fire Dawgs will haul away unwanted items – everything from old furniture to your old backyard shed. We also offer clean outs, demolition services, and labor only services. What is even better? We offer free estimates on all our Berne jobs! 


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