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Apr 30, 2014 | Blog, Services We Provide

Garage Organization Tips for Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas

When the weather breaks and we emerge from hibernation, we sprawl into our backyards to enjoy the warm weather. How do we enjoy the weather? If you’re anything like my wife and I, we torture ourselves with hours of hard labor repairing urine spots in the grass from the dogs, renting tools for lawn aeration, raking up and tilling the old garden for a new batch of vegetables and that’s all before actually getting to the garage! Isn’t it funny what we consider quality time? Now for our garage organization tips for Indianapolis and surrounding areas!

Garage Organization Tips for Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas
Let Fire Dawgs Help You Organize Your Garage!

Nonetheless, we enjoy doing work in the backyard and getting our outdoor living space ready for friends, family and entertaining. For our house, part of the backyard living is an accessible garage. One of the most overlooked areas for constant maintenance in my household is organizing our detached garage. That being said, what are quality Garage Organization Tips for Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas?

“To Each Their Own.”

For me, garage organization is clearing out cardboard boxes that my wife threw in there after buying a “must have” gadget for our baby boy. It could mean sweeping up the straw and leftover fertilizer from working on the lawn last year. Garage organization could also mean throwing away “junk” or unwanted items that seem to make their final resting place in the garage. While my wife and I like to claim certain parts of the garage and often times swap spaces, one thing we like to do is clear out the clutter.

So, my suggestion for anyone needing Garage Organization  Tips for Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas, start simple. If you clean out your garage this Spring and Summer, start with the junk. Get rid of trash, unused or unwanted items and clear out the clutter to make room for projects you enjoy. Don’t have any projects? That’s okay too, an organized and clean garage might inspire you to work on something else or just provide you with some necessary peace of mind knowing that you accomplished a long overdue task.

Need help getting rid of the clutter or debris in your garage? Email [email protected] or call 317-291-DAWG and the professionals at Fire Dawgs will take care of you! Also, be sure to check out our local dumpster rental division for all of your home projects.

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