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Lead Maintenance Technician

Do you have experience working on fleet vehicles? Do you like being in charge of leading, performing and overseeing a maintenance project to ensure the fleet vehicle is on the road safely? Last question… Would you like the opportunity to also go out on that truck and perform the service that the company provides? Then the Lead Maintenance Technician position at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal could be the opportunity and commitment for you!

Overview: Firefighter & Veteran Owned, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is an Award Winning Junk Removal Company servicing Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas. We also have locations in Fort Wayne and Bloomington. Our services range from cleaning out a garage, hauling away construction debris and tearing down old sheds. Founded in 2011, we have won a Service Award every year in business to include Best in Class, Super Service and Three Best Rated.

Guiding Principle: Treat Every Customer the way you would want your Family to be Treated

Mission Statement: Build Leaders and Pursue Growth while providing Award Winning Service

We pride ourselves in being “Tough Dawgs that Get IT Done!” Therefore, we’d like for our team members to be capable of performing routine maintenance on our vehicles and troubleshooting minor issues when necessary. The Lead Technician of Maintenance will perform the routine and minor maintenance, but will also go out in the field to perform the services provided by Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. With our Mission Statement of Building Leaders, we will also assign the Lead Maintenance Technician an Mentee, or apprentice, where the Lead Maintenance Technician would be responsible for passing on the skills and knowledge.

Responsibilities: Arrive to work each day with a positive attitude and ready to learn, work and overcome

  • Roll Call is at 0800am; team members are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to clock in
  • Uniform is a Red Polo, Navy Blue pants, Black Shoes/Belt, White/Red/Navy/Black Undershirt is permitted, FDJR ball cap only, Red Sweatshirt and Winter Coat provided
  • Professionally participate in Roll Call then Complete Station Cleaning Details
  • Participate in Washing Dirty Trucks with Power Washer at Supervisor’s Discretion
  • Complete Truck Checkout Card and Equipment Inventory Checklist
  • Complete all tasks on the Roll Call & Before Leaving the Shop Checklist
  • Safely Operate Truck within the parameters outlined in the Driver/Remover Manual
  • Secure Dump Doors & Latches, Check overhead before engaging Tarp, Safely Use Ramp
  • Mark OMW, START, Upload Price and FINISH inside our CRM HouseCall Pro
  • Load and Off Load Donations and Recyclables at appropriate sites
  • Complete all tasks listed for the On the Job & End of Day Checklist
  • Truck should be back in service with less than a ½ Load & more than ½ Tank of Fuel
  • Clear out Cab of all Trash and Wipe Down inside of Cab before leave truck for day
  • Help Crew Chief complete, and learn to fill out, the End of Day Report
  • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor

Do Not Apply IF:

  • You are Not a Morning Person
  • You shy away from tough, gritty work
  • You complain without providing solutions
  • You want to smoke at work, you do drugs, or you drink heavily
  • You are apprehensive about working when it gets too cold or too hot out

Basic Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift over 90 lbs. easily and be able to carry ladders safely.
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation to and from work.
  • Must be 18 or older.

1st 12 Weeks of Training:

  • For Hire Endorsement complete within first 4 weeks
  • Sign off on Driver & Remover Manual within first 4 weeks
  • Complete and Pass Fire Dawgs History Quiz within first 4 weeks
  • Read Extreme Ownership and Pass Extreme Ownership Quiz within first 4 weeks
  • Crew Chief Manual Signed Off within 8 Weeks
  • Crew Chief Certified within 12 weeks

Compensation Package:

  • Lead Maintenance Technician Starting Pay: $18-20/hr, DOE
  • Veteran Hiring Bonus: $300 ($50 Paid Bi-Weekly after completion of 1st Full Pay Period)
  • Chauffer’s/For Hire Endorsement Bonus: $300 ($50 paid Bi-Weekly after 1st Full Pay Period)
  • Full Medical Benefits – Fitness incentivized Health Savings Account
  • 2 Weeks Paid Time Off (Add’l Days earned through Time in Service, Tough Dawg Awards)
  • Financial Wellness Education Provided through Monthly Training Sessions
  • Promotional opportunities with rapidly expanding organization
  • Continuous employee development

We are an equal opportunity company. If you are willing to live out our Mission Statement to “Build Leaders and Pursue Growth while providing Award Winning Service” then we want to meet with you!

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