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Junk Pickup in Indianapolis

29 January 2012

Here is a common conversation we have with customers when they see our awesome truck and great branding: “What is Fire Dawgs?” Simply put, Fire Dawgs is a junk removal company serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. “Ok, well what exactly is junk removal?” Junk removal is the most commonly used term to describe our service; however, it is also referred to as junk hauling, trash removal, rubbish removal and sometimes junk pick up in Indianapolis.

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Basically, we will load up all the junk, do our best to donate as many of the unwanted items as possible, and whatever is left we will take to the dump and it’s all wrapped up into one reasonable guaranteed price. “Wow, that’s a good idea, I could use your service.”

junk pick up in indianapolis
Fire Dawgs Junk Pick Up in  Indianapolis

We have the conversation above regularly and whether it’s the patron, or someone they know, most people have a need for junk removal or junk pickup. While these terms, and the other terms mentioned above, are all accurate descriptions of junk removal services we provide our customers in Indianapolis, Fire Dawgs can do more than just throw your junk or unwanted items in the back of our truck and then haul it away; we can provide labor to take care of your demo work, move items from one location to another on your behalf, or even something as simple as picking up some mulch or landscaping materials and delivering them to your house. We provide full service junk pick up in Indianapolis.

This blog post is intended to better inform our potential customer base on the wide array of services that we provide. One of those commonly used searches and terms is junk pick up in Indianapolis. If you have old, unwanted clutter or junk then give Fire Dawgs a call at 1-800-712-JUNK and we will show up, give you a quote that will include all the work and hauling and then you can decide if you want us to work for you. If you don’t like our guaranteed quote, then you can tell us “no thanks” and we will be on our way.

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