Fire Dawgs 2011

9 January 2012

My name is Bennett Grove and I am the co-owner of Fire Dawgs with my good friend Aaron Tietje. Both Aaron and I are firefighters at Grissom AFB and for going on a year now we have been working to develop our small businesss. While junk removal and hauling is not the most glamorous facade for small business, we are working to renovate and develop that facade into the reputable and truly profitable template we believe junk removal to be.

For the past year, we have been watching the news, listened to the community and have heard the rumblings at our fire house that express and represent the concerns echoed throughout the nation.  Where are the jobs? Is our job at the firehouse safe? What is the country doing about it? Aaron and I are not foolish enough to believe that we could solve this problem, but we are patriotic enough that we believed we needed to do our part and that was open a small business with the goal of creating jobs.

While Fire Dawgs is still a tiny dot on the map of Indiana and only a grain of sand within the small business community, we are in #BEASTMODE to see our vision come to fruition. If you’re reading this post and we accomplished our goal of getting our readers to believe in our company, then follow us @JunkDawgs on Twitter, ‘Like’ our Facebook page, subscribe to our Blog here on WordPress, connect with us on LinkedIn or just tell your friends and neighbors about us. The more people we get to believe in our vision, the closer we are to creating the next job. With enough support, that rolling stone will gather moss and we will be onto becoming the recognized brand and job creator we envision JunkDawgs to be!