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Junk Removal and Moving Services During the Same Appointment

28 April 2014

Can you provide junk removal and moving services during the same appointment?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no because every scenario is different and depending on the circumstances, we may be able to accomplish both services with one crew. Let me explain by describing a couple different scenarios.

professional junk removers carmel
Professional Junk Removers and Movers

Customer A needs a crew to come out and provide removal services on some leftover items in her garage. However, she also needs a crew to move a piano from the basement to the main floor. Since all of our employees that work for Fire Dawgs are also trained as movers so that they can work for Moving Dawgs, we would be able to perform both services in one visit. The only difference in this specific scenario, although it might not apply to every scenario, is that there would be two separate charges since one is a junk removal service and the other is a moving service. That being said, in this example, the customer would save money since they would be utilizing one crew thereby eliminating a fuel charge for using the movers.

Customer B needs a crew to move items from her apartment to another apartment complex down the road. However, she also has some leftover junk and trash she’d like removed so that she doesn’t leave debris in her apartment for final inspection. This is an example where it would be two separate appointments. Moving belongings from Location A to Location B would require a moving truck so that we can properly secure their belongings during transportation. However, it would also require a junk removal truck to haul away and dispose of the trash and debris. You wouldn’t want to perform both services with the same truck because a junk truck can be dirty since it hauls away debris all day long thereby making your belongings vulnerable. It also is not equipped like a moving truck for ratchets straps, bungee cords, storing, and is not enclosed also making items vulnerable. On the same token, you wouldn’t want trash and debris within an enclosed moving truck with your belongings as it would just add time to your move because we would have to secure the trash and debris so it doesn’t slam into furniture and other items during transportation.

Local Moving Indianapolis
Local Moving Indianapolis

These are just a couple examples that shed some light on whether we can provide junk removal and moving services in the same appointment time. Even if we have to use two separate crews, if you schedule with enough notice, we should be able to schedule both crews to perform their service at the same time or within your desired timeline.

If you need junk removal and moving services, call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] for more information. You can also visit our brother moving company Moving Dawgs.