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30 September 2012

Local Moving Indianapolis Can Trust: Moving Dawgs

Your first thought may be, why would I hire a junk removal company to do my local moving? After all, junk removal companies are typically hired to throw junk in the back of a beat up truck, or haul away old pieces of furniture that were no longer wanted. You certainly wouldn’t hire those companies to haul away the items that you still care about, are attached to, and that you want to accompany you to your new home or property. The Good News is that we are not that company. We are a Highly Reviewed company that treats each job as if it were a job interview so when it comes to local moving Indianapolis can trust, go with the company that goes the extra mile to ensure your items are treated with the upmost concern regardless whether it’s junk removal services or Indianapolis Moving.

Local Moving Indianapolis can trust
Local Moving Indianapolis Can Trust

“Indianapolis Moving Company” is a phrase that is used when searching for reputable services pertaining to movers that will help provide you with a stress free process, but what you should consider first and foremost is whether the workers are skilled, qualified and reputable. After all, the company is the vessel, but the employees are the ones that are going to provide you with the experience that is either going to make the move rewarding or miserable. You have enough to worry about during this incredibly stressful process so let our movers go to work for you. Below is a testimonial from one of our clients that can speak to the reputation of our employees:

The two guys from Fire Dawgs were on time and very professional. They were careful with the items that were being hauled away, and careful not to damage my other furnishings. The price was VERY reasonable (I got one of the Angie’s deals). What I didn’t realize when I hired them, but greatly appreciated, was that they would take and offer the items to Goodwill. I had a very good experience!” -Angie’s List Member

The next time you have a need for local moving Indianapolis can trust, give our company owned and operated by firefighters a shot to illustrate our work ethic. Call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected]