West of Indianapolis, Danville is a peaceful community with farm roots and a charming downtown laced with historical homes. The downtown feel is a pleasant sanctuary for the citizens that live on their acreage and gives people traveling on 36 a reason to stop and enjoy the charm. A short distance from Heritage Lake or an equally short drive to downtown Indy, Danville is an ideal place to live for many Hoosiers.

However, regardless of charm, location and architecture, every community and homeowner comes across their share of junk and unwanted items. Having too much junk and an over accumulation of unwanted items means that we need to draw a line in that sand and get rid of the clutter. It’s in these moments that you need to hire a junk removal and hauling company like Fire Dawgs. Owned and operated by firefighters, we provides a variety of services ranging from cleaning out your garage, your office or cleaning up your recent landscaping project.

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