Snow Removal in Indianapolis

Snow Removal in Indianapolis

12 January 2016

In addition to our award-winning junk removal service, we offer leaf removal and snow removal in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. As a local, veteran and firefighter owned company, we know that winters in Indiana are (for the most part) incredibly cold and can bring sizable amounts of snow. That is why we have trained and equipped our crews to provide snow removal in Indianapolis when our customers need it. Keep reading to learn more about snow removal and our other seasonal services.

Fire Dawgs’ Snow Removal in Indianapolis

Snow Removal in Indianapolis
Snow Removal in Indianapolis

As you may know, we are a local junk removal in Indianapolis. In addition to our hauling services, we also offer leaf removal and snow removal in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. We have the crews and equipment to provide residential snow removal to our customers when the snow falls and accumulates.

If you are in need of screened and insured professionals to shovel and remove snow from your driveway and walkways, just give us a call at 317-291-DAWG. As with our leaf removal service, we can send out either one technician or more depending on your needs and budget.

Our managers would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our snow removal in Indianapolis. We can definitely give you a ballpark estimate over the phone or schedule you for a free estimate. If you would like to schedule a free estimate or snow removal service, our office phone number is 317-291-DAWG. Or, you can always Contact Us online or email us at We hope to have the opportunity to serve you!

Additional Seasonal Cleaning and Removal Services We Offer

In addition to snow removal, we also offer the following seasonal cleaning and removal services. As with our junk removal service, we are insured and highly-reviewed for these services. All of our employees are trained, screened, and experienced in these trades.

Leaf Removal: We use a cyclone lawn vacuum system that removes and disposes of leaves in a fraction of the time it takes to manually rake and bag leaves. When you call us for Indianapolis leaf removal, we will send out the crews and equipment to remove your leaves quickly. We do the job faster, so that you can save money. Read this post to learn more about leaf removal prices: How much does leaf removal cost? 

Gutter Cleaning: We have an entire division at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal and Dawg Services that specializes in gutter cleaning. When you call our trained professionals to clean your gutters, we also dispose of all the leaves and debris in and around your gutters at no extra charge. Our gutter cleaning service is highly reviewed and super affordable. To learn more about gutter cleaning prices, check out this post: How much does gutter cleaning cost? 

Pressure Washing: We offer professional pressure washing to both residential and commercial clients. Our cleaning and pressure washing division is trained to pressure wash any areas in your home or property you may need. Some of these areas include (but are not limited to): patios, pools, decks, siding, driveways, fences, roofs, walkways, and the list goes on!

Window Cleaning: The professionals at Dawg Services also specialize in interior and exterior window cleaning. When we clean your windows, we also take out and clean your screens as well. As with all of our services, we offer free estimates. You can learn more about window cleaning prices in the following post: How much does window cleaning cost? 

Carpet Cleaning: Dawg Services offers professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Indianapolis. Call us and schedule carpet cleaning and snow removal in the same appointment, and receive $25 off of your service.