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2021 Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Awards

Jan 26, 2022 | About Us, Blog

The 2021 Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Awards

This past saturday, Fire Dawgs took a day off for reflection about the past year, looking forward to the future, as well as hand out some awards! We are proud of our hard working crews and team members who make your junk removal projects happen every day. Some special awards were highlighted for team members as well!

We highlighted several different individuals for their accomplishments over 2021. Here are our award winners!


Tough Dawg of the Year

Robby Olen

A Tough Dawg demonstrates a number of my favorite qualities: unrelenting, unwavering, resilient, persistent, reliable, gritty… TOUGH. To qualify for Tough Dawg of the Year, one must first have won Tough Dawg of the Month at some point throughout the calendar year. The winner must also have a track record of timeliness, being in uniform and living out “The Fire Dawgs Way” with their actions.  This year’s winner truly, with his actions, continuously embodies one of our favorite sayings at Fire Dawgs: We are Tough Dawgs that Get IT Done. 


Rookie of the Year

Charles Greene

To qualify for this award, one must have achieved the rank of Certified Crew Chief, served in the Crew Chief role for more than 50 days in the field and demonstrated a willingness to lead and follow. Through their actions, this team member will have demonstrated the ability to be coachable and have a genuine desire to live out our Guiding Principle and Mission Statement. In short, this person is an up and comer in the organization. 


Utility Dawg of the Year

Nick Smith

The Utility Dawg of the Year is an award that is given to someone who you can go to with help to get the job done. Not only are they willing, but they’re able. The winner of this award though has to be able to do a number of jobs in the company, not just one really well. We do need people that can do their job really well and professionally, but we also need utility players. People who can step in and keep the ship sailing. We often think of someone in the field for this role, but in 2021, this person came from the office. There’s an old cliche that goes, “He was a jack of all trades, but a master of none.” We sometimes say that through a negative lens, but I have always taken the opposite approach. I love having people on our team who can do a lot of things in the company because that’s what is needed when building a company. There were a few people who made the voting process interesting, but Nick came out on top, and covered the widest range of responsibilities.



The Dalmatian Award 

Peyton Kimes

Just like in a Fire Department, a Dalmatian symbolizes all things firefighting. It symbolizes the firehouse, a group of firefighters, firefighter culture, the firefighter way and so much more. It’s no mistake that the Dalmatian is part of our brand today at Fire Dawgs. So, it is necessary and fitting that the Dalmatian Award is becoming part of our fabric. The Dalmatian Award at Fire Dawgs will go to the person that best represents our brand in the public eye. Someone who is out front and forward facing. Someone who makes the extra effort to promote, represent and support FDJR. Someone who lives out the Fire Dawgs way. 



The Hydrant Award

Kim Tarter

A Hydrant is a part of our RIT 10 Operating System. In our operating system, we set Hydrants. Just like a fire hydrant in a city for a fire department, if a hydrant is maintained, it will supply the fire department with water for life and supply the operation with life in its most needed times. In our business, a hydrant is a system, process or fixture that, if maintained, will supply our business with water, or success, for life. A System and Process, or better put Position, that was finally dialed in this year was done so by a person that was preceded by a handful of people that had failed and never locked in the spirit of the role. Not only did Kim overcome where others had failed, she thrived and carved a new path. In doing so, the path unveiled by her has led to the creation of two new positions and career opportunities in the company, truly representing the spirit of the hydrant. 


Top Dawg – Field KPIs

Kamal Hooten


Top Dawg – Admin KPIs

Noah Melvin

Most Valuable Dawg

Kamal Hooten

Honorable Mentions:

Brycen Spangler, Nathan Guinn, David Allender, John Byers, Isaiah Craddick, Justin Kloss

We look forward to an amazing 2022!

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