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At Fire Dawgs, we hope to answer as many frequently asked questions about our award-winning  junk removal as we can to help our customers better understand our service. If you have a question about junk removal, please email us at [email protected]. Or, you can always Contact Us online here on our website. Our team is always ready to help and answer any questions you may have.

Do junk removal companies recycle?

Yes! Well, Fire Dawgs does. Not all junk removal companies recycle. Some companies simply dump junk in landfills. However, at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal we recycle or donate more than 60% of the items we haul away. Sixty-percent isn’t good enough for us either. Our company goal is to be able to recycle 100% of the junk we remove. For more information on our recycling policy, Click Here!

How much does junk removal cost?

Our pricing varies and is dependent upon the amount and type of materials being removed. For typical household items, we charge based on volume or the amount of space that your items take up in our truck. Our mini dump trucks can hold 15.5 cubic yards worth of unwanted items which is the equivalent of 4-5 full pickup truck loads. Our minimum price point is $105 for a single item pickup or a small load. At the top end of our pricing structure is a full load that is priced at $500. Take a look at our Household Items Calculator by scrolling over the fractions and different price points to figure your junk removal cost. For more information on our pricing, Click Here!

Do I need an estimate for junk removal services?

Yes and No. For starters, if you visit our Pricing page, you will be able to see an online calculator that provides various illustrations with price ranges assigned to different load types. This gives customers an estimate of sorts so they have a rough idea of what they are getting into ahead of time. REMEMBER, when looking at our calculator, the price range includes all fuel, disposal fees, labor and our efforts to recycle, reuse and donate on the customer’s behalf as well as other associated costs; so, the price is all inclusive. For more information on junk removal estimates, Click Here!

I like texting. Can I text Fire Dawgs for a Free Quote?

YES! You can text us for a fast, free junk removal estimate at (317) 597-4744. Just send us pictures of the items needing removed! Learn more about our text for a quote option here.

Are there hidden costs in junk removal?

Not when you go with Fire Dawgs. Some companies do use bait and switch tactics to obtain customers, or they add on hidden costs. Fire Dawgs Junk Removal does not believe in these tactics; that is why we keep our load size calculator on our website. Customers can use it to calculate their load size; then, they can call us or email their load size for a price estimate. With that information, we can give a realistic expectation of price before the appointment is scheduled. We also illustrate our Surcharge List on our website for items like Freon, tires or other difficult disposal items so customers can know in advance what they’re getting into. For more information, Click Here!

Do I need to be present for the junk removal service?

No, you do not necessarily need to be present at the time of your scheduled junk removal service. That being said, it always makes the process more seamless when our customers are able to be present so that we can discuss price, load size, etc. However, we are always looking to exceed customer expectations so if we can accommodate, then we will always try and do our part to make it easy.For more information, Click Here!

Is there a discount if my items are curbside?

Yes! If customers are needing items removed and they are willing to take care of the initial removal process by setting the items out by the curb, or piling them up outside near the house thereby making our job much easier, then we will accommodate those customers by offering them a reduced price. For more information on our curbside discount, Click Here!

How big are junk removal trucks?

Our junk removal truck can hold 15.5 cubic yards of debris, old furniture, concrete, brush, old appliances, and much more. A common term we use to describe our removal and salvage apparatus is that it is a “mini-dump truck.” The junk removal trucks are 12’ long, 5’ tall and 7’ wide which comes out to 15.5 cubic yards. For more information on the size of our trucks, Click Here!

How much does it cost to haul away and remove a piano?

Our service to haul away and remove a piano is a flat fee service due to the heavy and cumbersome nature of the item. When removing a piano, we have to take a number of preventative measures to ensure we remove the item safely and without damage. Aside from that, the complexity and strenuous moving of this item are other factors into why this item comes with a flat fee. Our price range for this service is between $250-400. Often times, this is an item that we are able to donate, and therefore we’ll be able to send back a tax deductible receipt so the customer can take advantage of the tax deduction. For more information on piano removal, Click Here!

How much does it cost for brush removal?

For brush and yard waste, we have four different price points with the minimum starting at $100. To give you an idea of what this price point gets you, we use the “Pickup Truck” analogy as it gives customers an illustrative example to use when trying to quantify their load size. One pickup truck load of brush is about a ¼ of our mini dump truck and classifies as our minimum price point of $100. For more information on brush removal, Click Here!

How much does it cost for hot tub removal service?

Regarding price, we have a flat fee for Hot Tub Removal services that range from $250-$400 dependent upon the size of the hot tub and complexities involved within the removal. Since this is a flat fee item, coupons cannot be applied to this service. If customers are comfortable with that price range, then the next step is that we schedule an appointment. For more information on hot tub removal cost, Click Here!

How Does Fire Dawgs recycle unwanted big items being removed?

Our removal and salvage company makes every effort to sort through every load that we are hired to haul away. Within each load, there are items that can be re-purposed and thereby re-used, there are items that could be donated to charitable organizations and then there are items that can be recycled. At our warehouse, we have a few different containers. Within certain containers you will find a number of recyclable metals, plastics, cardboard, paper and certain types of wood. For more information on how we recycle, Click Here!

Does Fire Dawgs take credit cards?

The short and simple answer is, YES! There is a common misconception within the junk removal and hauling industry that “Cash is King!” Companies that deal in cash only deals normally do that so they can do a spin move on Uncle Sam or so they can get out on paying insurance that is necessary to protect employees and you, the customer.For more information on payment options, Click Here!

Does Fire Dawgs donate used furniture?

Not only do we donate your used furniture, but we will also go above and beyond to try and donate as much of your other unwanted items as we possibly can! For more information on donations, Click Here!

Why does it cost money for junk removal companies to donate items?

We provide the labor, muscle and means to load, deliver and unload the items and then send the tax deductible receipt back to the customer after having successfully donated the items. For more information on costs associated with donations, Click Here!

Do junk removal companies donate items?

Yes! Not only do we try to donate items when asked by our customers to do so, but even when customers don’t ask us to donate items, we will still try and sort out items that deserve a second chance and deliver them to charitable outlets. For more information on where we donate, Click Here!

Why can’t I get an exact junk removal estimate on your website or over the phone?

The reason we can’t give an exact junk removal estimate without seeing the items first is because load sizes can be subjective. Customers may think they only have a ¼ load when in fact they have a 1/3 load. The price range over each fraction provides that margin of error while still preparing customers for a price range that they can expect before having our crews out to perform the service.Our Online Calculator is in place for customers to reasonably calculate the load size that fits their removal needs. For more information on this topic, Click Here!

What are some of the most common items you haul away?

We remove A LOT of stuff for both residential and commercial clients. Some of the most common items we remove are: Televisions, Exercise Equipment, Household Junk, Furniture, Appliances, and HOT TUBS. We remove lots and lots of hot tubs. Learn more about popular items we remove and donate here! 

Is Fire Dawgs Junk Removal a Trash Drop Off Facility?

Fire Dawgs is not a trash drop off facility or landfill. We are a junk hauling company, and we handle all the labor or disposal. Our team comes to your home, property, or business to remove your unwanted items. Furthermore, we make every effort to donate or recycle what we can on your half. Learn more about this topic here.

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