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Do junk removal companies donate items?

Feb 27, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do junk removal companies donate items?

Answer: Yes! Not only do we try and donate items when asked by our customers to do so, but even when customers don’t ask us to donate items, we will still try and sort out items that deserve a second chance and deliver them to charitable outlets. There are a variety of charitable organizations that we try to work with that include, but are not limited to:

Goodwill: This is by far the largest charitable outlet that we work with due to the numerous locations they have around the city that make donations convenient for our daily schedule and logisitics. They also take the largest amount of household items.

Salvation Army: This is another well-known charitable outlet around the country that is an organization for good so we try to do our part to continue sending donations to their cause.

Habitat for Humanity: This isn’t necessarily an outlet for old furniture or clothes, but they still try to keep construction materials in circulation as opposed to having them end up in the dumpster.

Indy Fire Rescue House: This is a smaller charitable organization in Indianapolis that was started to help displaced families as a result of a fire. This organization gets them back on their feet and tries to provide them with a place to live and with new furnishings. When able, we will send items their way. Learn more about this organization by clicking here.

Indy Fire Rescue House
Indy Fire Rescue House

St. Vincent de Paul: This is another outlet that we work with at the request of our customers and on our own when it fits within our logistics for the day. They state on their website, “We service needy persons regardless of religious affiliations, race or national origin.”

This is a short list of the many different outlets that we have service over the past couple years, but this list is illustrative of our ongoing efforts to keep items out of the landfills and in circulation so that we can do our part keeping the country resourceful and helpful!

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