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Furniture Removal

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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is proud to provide Furniture Removal! Our two man crew is prepped and equipped to take on your biggest challenges, from that oversized couch in your basement, to an extremely heavy dresser in an upstairs room; We take it all! Not only will we haul your furniture away, we also do our best to donate, reuse, or recycle the items as well! But how does our furniture removal service work?

Start by reaching out to our office! You can give us a call, text, or send in a contact form, it’s up to you! Our friendly customer service representatives will reach out quickly to get you a firm, free, no obligation estimate on your furniture removal. Once booked, our crew will give you a call on the day of your appointment 20-30 minutes before they arrive.

Once at your home, office space, or wherever our services are needed, our crew takes the time to visually see all the furniture items being removed. We will confirm your price before we begin, and start to haul your furniture away that you want removed! After completion, our crew will walk you through where the furniture was removed and confirm that everything was taken. Fire Dawgs accepts payment upon completion, from which our crew will take your items to be donated or recycled!

Ready to Get Your Furniture Removed?

Give us a call at 317-291-DAWG or by text at 317-460-1398 to reach out with what furniture you need removed! You can also contact us here, and our customer service representatives will reach out to you! Finally make sure to keep up with the Dawg Pack by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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