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What Does Fire Dawgs Do With Junk?

What does Fire Dawgs do with junk? It’s a great question! At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we recycle, donate or responsibly dispose of all the items we haul away. Some examples of items we frequently recycle are televisions (and other e-waste), appliances, any metal, cardboard and much more! Furthermore, we donate as many usable items as …

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How Much Does Swing Set Removal Cost?

Do you have an old swing set you need removed? You might be wondering How Much Does Swing Set Removal Cost? Price is certainly a major factor when you’re deciding how you will get rid of an old play set. At Fire Dawgs, we ave removed hundreds and hundreds of unwanted swing sets. So, we have some …

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How Much Does Garage Clean Out Cost?

If you’ve got a lot of clutter in your garage, you might me wondering How Much Does Garage Clean Out Cost? Most junk removal companies base their pricing on volume. This is also how we price junk removal at Fire Dawgs. Our 16 cubic yard mini dump truck holds about 4-5 pickup truck sized loads of junk. …

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How Much Can We Fit in a Truck?

How much can we fit in a truck? This is a great question! Our 16 cubic yard mini dump truck hold about 4-5 pick up truck loads of junk! So, just imagine the about of junk that you could fit into 4-5 pick up trucks, and that is about what one of our mini dump …

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