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Apartment Cleanout

Apartment of an Apartment Cleanout

Moving out of your apartment can be a pain. From packing up all your items to send to your new place, to parting ways with unwanted items, the whole process can be stressful. The worst part? After you decide what items you’re throwing away, you still have to dispose of them — which can complicate the process even further! Looking for a solution to get rid of your unwanted junk in your apartment? Fire Dawgs has an answer! Give Fire Dawgs Junk Removal a call and we’ll take care of all your worries with your apartment cleanout! But how does Fire Dawgs assist with your apartment cleanout?

How Does Fire Dawgs Handle an Apartment Cleanout?

We start every service by dispatching our trained, screened, and certified two-person crews with their 16 cubic yard mini dump trucks. Equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, our crew will be able to handle any difficulties with your apartment cleanout. Upon arrival, our certified crew chief will survey the property and note any foreseeable hazards with you service. Then, our crew chief will confirm your final price, so you can be confident in your decision to choose Fire Dawgs Junk Removal!

Following the confirmation on your cost, our crew will began the apartment clean out process. Our crew chief will update you as need be on the status of the project. Following completion of your service, our crew chief will offer a final walkthrough of the area to make sure you are satisfied with your service. Ready to get started with your apartment cleanout? Great! But what is the total cost of an apartment cleanout?

What is the Cost of an Apartment Cleanout?

Our services are based on the volume your items take up in our mini dump trucks. To put simply — the space your items take up determines your price. For an apartment cleanout, we start our price at a minimum and increase the rate depending on the amount of items you have. The total cost includes the labor, transportation, and disposal of all debris. But the best part? We reuse, recycle, or donate over 60% of the items that we haul away. Making us the eco-friendly for your apartment cleanout

Looking for a discount? Move your items beforehand to your driveway for a curbside pickup. Are you a veteran, active military, nurse, teacher, firefighter, EMS, or police officer? You are eligible for our community hero discount. Excited to get started with your apartment cleanout, but still aren’t sure how much your service will cost? We’ve got you covered with our free, in person estimate!

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What Other Services Does Fire Dawgs Provide?

In addition to apartment cleanouts, Fire Dawgs offers a variety of cleanout services across all locations. As previously stated, we handle all of the disposal, transportation, and labor. We got it all handled! Below is a list of some of the specific demolition services we specialize in:

Ready for Your Free, in Person Estimate?

To get your free, in person estimate, give our friendly customer service team a call and they’ll answer any questions you may have about your apartment cleanout! Call us at 1-800-211-3294! Unable to call due to circumstances? We’ll pick up the phone for you! Contact us on our website and we’ll give you a call at a time that works for you! Have photos or videos of your apartment? We’d love to see them! Send us pictures and videos anytime at 317-597-4744 to receive a fast and easy electronic estimate.

Want to see how our team can help change your space? Follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see how our Dawg Tough team in action! We hope to earn your business and serve YOU with our award-winning service!

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