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Hoarding Cleanup

Help for Hoarders - Before and After

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Due to the exposure on television over the past few years, Hoarding and Hoarders have become household terms. However, for those dealing with the issue, it can be an exhaustive, emotional process. The picture below is from a customer that called us to provide hoarding cleanup Hoosiers can trust. It is our mission to take the stress away that comes with years of accumulation. We will bring a crew of trained junk hauling professionals. Furthermore, we will bring our mini dump trucks to haul away the unwanted items. Our team will donate good, usable items and send you a tax deductible receipt.

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It’s easy for viewers to lose sight of the struggle, but for individuals labeled as “hoarders” it is an incredibly difficult time and they need people to help. The picture above is from a customer that had accumulated everything from trash, leftover food, boxes, decorations and anything else that they wanted to keep. Unfortunatley, the lady passed and her family was left wondering what to do. Hoarding Cleanup Indianapolis is a process that requires trained professionals and a cleanup crew that is capable of working with not only the customer, but also the organizers that are aiding the family. Our screened, uniformed employees are well versed in dealing with patients and helping them sort through what stays and goes.

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At Fire Dawgs, our highly reviewed service entails having the patience, know how and customer service necessary to take care of any job. We will do the heavy lifting, the dirty work and all the while keeping the concerns of our customers at the forefront of our minds. If you need hoarding cleanup Indianapolis can trust, give us a call at 1-800-211-DAWG or

We LOVE working with Fire Dawgs.  Very professional, reasonably priced, prompt in their communications — I have no complaints at all.  They helped us get rid of an old (heavy, pain-in-the-neck) broken hot tub, and then also came back to take apart and haul away some old wood decking that was built around it.  They did a great job, and they left the area clean and looking great.  I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them to others.” -Angie’s List Member

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