Surcharge List

*Projection TV$50*Freon Appliances$20
Furnace/Water Heater$25Cast Iron Tub$200 – $250
Hot Tubs$250-$410*Bed Bug Protective Materials$50 per man
Piano$250-$410Pool Table$250-$410
*Concrete BlockVaries/CallRiding Mower (Gas/Oil Drained)$50
 Motors $150-250*Tires and Tires w/Rims $5-10
*Treadmill $20 *Heavy Materials: Stone, Dirt, Sod, etc. Varies/Call
*Regular TV’s $10-$30

Additional Information

Prices vary based on size and complexity of job
*Items with an asterisk are items that come with a charge in addition to size of dump load; items without an asterisk are flat fee items, of which coupon prices can not be applied. The fees associated with the asterisked items are for recycling. Recycling centers charge us these fees for properly recycling items like TVs and tires. 

We Do Not Take Hazardous Materials or Paint: You can learn more about how to properly dispose of paint here.


Junk Removal appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment. If violated, coupons will be subject to forfeiture. If you purchased a coupon, the paid amount will remain valid.

Call us at  317-291-3294 if you have any questions about our surcharge list or the services we offer. You can also email us anytime at or Contact Us online. Thank You for your interest in Fire Dawgs. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you!