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How to Dispose of Paint

Oct 13, 2012 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and How Tos

How to Dispose of Paint

While providing junk removal Indianapolis can trust, we often come across customers that have a number of items that we can’t take. You see, most trash hauling companies can not or are not supposed to get rid of hazardous materials for customers. You see, these companies are not allowed to take these things by law nor are they allowed to drop off some items like paint cans at what most people know as Tox Dumps. Rather than as how to dispose of paint, customers get impatient and just want someone to get rid of it!

How to Dispose of Paint
Toxic Dump Indianapolis

You see, there is a movement alive and well within each state and across the country that calls for a more ECO-FRIENDLY approach towards everything. Whether it’s a car getting better gas mileage, finding energy saving techniques within our homes and doing our part to find environmentally responsible solutions to disposing of our trash and waste. However, despite our good intentions, something happens when people become irritated with waste or trash, they just want it gone! In those moments of trash anxiety, we have found that customers throw their good intentions to the wind looking for the cheapest way just to get rid of it all. Customers may start with the reputable companies who say they can’t take hazardous materials, but instead of doing what is right and taking those items to Tox Dumps, they’ll instead go with the company off Craigslist offering “the lowest rates in town, we take ANYTHING.” Those companies just pile the Tox stuff under acceptable waste and it eventually ends up in our landfills. Don’t be that customer! Take your time and find a responsible solution. What are those solutions you ask? Here is a how to list that will tell you How  to Dispose of Paint.

  1. Gather all ye paint cans and tightly secure the lids
  2. Lay a Plastic Liner in the back of your truck or trunk and ensure that the edges are rolled up in the event there is a small leak during transport
  3. Search for your local Tox Dump that will take paint from residents. In Indianapolis, you can find those sites by going to a site called Keep Indianapolis Beautiful or visit Indianapolis’ website for Household Hazardous Waste
  4. Drive to one of the locations listed on the sites and be rid of household paint!

Now, for those people in the world that are among the Do It Yourself crowd and don’t feel like making a drive to the city for one of their Tox Dumps, there is another option to get rid of latex paint.

  1. Lay out plastic film in a well ventilated area. We suggest 4 mil polyfilm spread out in A CONTAINMENT enclosure; such as bracked 4 x 4 posts nailed together
  2. Pour out left over paint over the plastic. Take care to keep the no thicker than 1/8 of an inch. Spread out the paint with a stir stick or make shift spreader made of cardboard.
  3. Allow paint to dry; this should be 12-48 hours depending on temperature and humidity.
  4. Thoroughly dried out latex paint and be disposed of with normal garbage.

Now, when you need junk pickup Indianapolis can trust and the company you are speaking with tells you they can’t haul these specific items, know they are doing the right thing and don’t trust the companies that tell you they can. After all, you are now armed with the Responsible Solutions!

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