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Deck Demolition

Deck Removal Indianapolis

Decks add valuable living and entertaining space to our homes. We did a little research over at home and found that decks can last over 20 years, if they are well-maintained and taken care of. Decks made of hardwood can even last over 50 years! However, after years of use and exposure to the elements, deck need removed and rebuilt if they become unsafe for everyday use. That is where The Dawgs come in. We provide affordable deck removal our customers can count on.

Deck Removal

Deck Removal Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs Providing Deck Demolition

Fire Dawgs is prepared to help you out with your deck demolition! We start with a firm, free, no obligation estimate. This is performed either in person, at a time that works best for you, or via pictures sent to our office at 317-460-1398! Once you our booked, our crew will come out at your appointment time! Our demo crews are trained and screened and can remove your deck safely, efficiently, and affordably.

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Give us a call today to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate for your deck demolition! Our friendly office staff will walk you through your project! Unable to call us? Text us or contact us here! Want to learn more about the Fire Dawgs? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok


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