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Junk Removal Franklin

junk removal franklin

If you haven’t been to Franklin, IN recently, you haven’t been Franklin. Franklin has so much to offer, including an awesome Farmer’s Market in the warmer months. There is more than a respectable, private college in Franklin, Indiana; there is also a tight knit community that is home to Indianapolis commuters, Franklin graduates that stayed because they loved the atmosphere and also those that have lived there all their life. All these various residents make up the population in Franklin, but they all have one thing in common… JUNK! Again, junk is not a bad word, it just describes the accumulated possessions that we refused to let go, but they are now taking over a storage space in our garage or home. Whether it’s due to hand me downs from family, items you kept after college, outdated furniture, or remnants from a landscaping project or home remodel, there is only one company that can offer both professionalism and unparalleled customer service and that’s the off duty firefighters at Fire Dawgs.

If you have a need for junk removal Franklin, call the trusted professionals at Fire Dawgs! 317-291-DAWG or you can Order Online.

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