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Do junk removal companies take credit cards?

Feb 26, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do junk removal companies take credit cards?

Answer: The short and simple answer is, YES! There is a common misconception within the junk removal and hauling industry that “Cash is King!” Companies that deal in cash only deals normally do that so they can do a spin move on Uncle Sam or so they can get out on paying insurance that is necessary to protect employees and you, the customer. So, regardless of whether you go with Fire Dawgs or any other company, if you call a provider that does “Cash Only” or makes an uncomfortable push to get you to pay cash in return for a discount, then you need to take pause and raise the Red Flag.

Regarding credit card payment,  Customers can also pay with a check, but if the check is returned NSF, or insufficient funds, then there is a $25 charge to cover our returned check fee. We still accept cash, but it is a last resort. We are working toward a cashless system so that our crews are not carrying around a lot of cash throughout the day thereby ensuring their safety while out providing excellent customer service.

Do junk removal companies take credit cards
We Use Square for Credit Card Transactions

We are able to accept credit cards over the phone and in person with our removers. We use Square, which is an incredibly safe and useful company that makes life easy for small businesses and customers. Square charges merchants, like Fire Dawgs, 3% and $0.15 for each credit card transaction. The state of Indiana adopted a law in 2013 that allows merchants to charge back the credit card transaction fee to customers to that companies don’t feel the need to overcompensate and up their service charges. So, we keep our prices the same and just charge back the 3% should you choose to pay with credit card. We just eat the $0.15 to avoid confusion and keep the transaction seamless.

We hope we’ve answered: Do junk removal companies take credit cards? for you! If you have any more questions, call 317-291-DAWG or email We are always happy to help!

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