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Average Lifespan of Household Items

Jan 21, 2020 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

Does the start of a new year have you thinking, “out with the old, in with the new?” January and February are popular month to purchase new furniture and other household items, including mattresses and decor. Today, we are going to look at the average lifespan of household items. These expiration dates may give you a better item of whether it is really time to get rid of that old couch. Or, it may give you the evidence you need to convince your significant other it’s time anyway!

average lifespan of household items

Average Lifespan of Living Room Furniture

Our daily lives tend to happen in the living room of our homes. Therefore, the furniture in this room tends to get a lot of wear and year. This is especially true if you have indoor pets or children.

  • Sofas and Couches: The average lifespan of a sofa or couch is about 7-15 years. Your cushions may start sagging when it is about time to replace your sofa. Furthermore, you may hear creaking and start noticing the fabric is getting worn down.
  • Recliners: Recliners usually last about 10 years. A recliner with definitely last longer with gentle use.
  • Coffee Tables and Side Tables: These two items are more about style. You can find tables on yard sale sites or get them on sale relatively inexpensively. Now, if you are regularly having dance parties on your coffee table, you are going to have to swap it out more frequently.
  • Area Rugs and Carpet: These household items usually last 5-15 years. A better quality carpet should last closer to the 15 year mark.

Average Lifespan of Bedroom Furniture and Items

  • Mattresses: A good mattress should last you about 10 years. However, most people purchase a new mattress between 5-10 years.
  • Bedroom Furniture: This is also more of a questions of style and decor. You want to change the look of your room? Change your furniture. Or, maybe try a new paint color first!
  • Pillows: This one is really surprising. A good, quality pillow will only last you about 18-36 moths. You should replace inexpensive polyester pillows even sooner at 6 months.
  • Sheets: Some sources claim that sheets should be thrown out after 2-3 years. But, we’re not buying it. These people are probably just trying to sell some sheets. Usually, sheets are good for about 5 years. However, high quality, luxury sheets can even last 10 years. Now, let’s look at the average lifespan of household items in the kitchen.

Average Lifespan of Appliances and Kitchen Items

  • Refrigerators: A refrigerator should last about 10-20 years.
  • Stoves: Stoves last about 13-15 years. Be sure to clean your stove regularly to make it last longer!
  • Washers: The average lifespan of a washing machine is about 11 years.
  • Dryers: Dryers should last about 8-12 years. Clean the dryer vent out regularly to increase the lifespan of your dryer!
  • Dishwashers: Dishwashers last about 8-10 years. Make yours last longer by following these dishwashers maintenance tips.
  • Coffee Pots: Most sources we’ve found 2-3 years. But, how long has yours been going?
  • Cookware: Nonstick pots and pans last about 5 years. Cast iron cookware, of course, lasts much longer.

Average Lifespan Of Bathroom Items

  • Bath Towels: A good quality bath towel should last you 5-10 years. However, they can be repurposed in so many ways after you are done using them. You can use them as cleaning rags or even donate them to your local humane shelter.
  • Bath Rugs: If you think about it, bath mats get a lot of everyday use. So, it is best to replace bath rugs every 1-2 years or so to clean you bathroom looking so fresh and so clean.
  • Shower Curtain Liner: Liners are exposed to lost of moisture. Lots of moisture means risk of mold or mildew. So, replace shower curtain liners at least once a year.

Other Important Household Items

  • Air Filters: Change your home’s air filter every 30-90 days. Stay around the 30 days mark if anyone in your home has allergies of asthma.
  • Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors last about 10 years, but change the batteries in your smoke detector every year.

We hope you’ve learned a little something from our Average Lifespan of Household Items. Let us know if you have any questions. Or, Contact Us if we can help you get rid of any unwanted items household items.

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