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Businesses that Clean Out Houses

Apr 19, 2014 | Blog, Services We Provide

Businesses that Clean Out Houses

 If you find yourself searching for businesses that clean out houses, then let this post serve as a guide for what criteria you should use when doing so. There are a lot of different situations that bring customers to this type of search, but the companies that provide this service range from extremely professional and affordable to extremely sketchy and unrealistically low cost. Here are a few qualifying factors to look for when making a decision:

  • Licensed: Always go with a professional. A license is the first sign that you are dealing with a reputable company that will save you many headaches later down the line; or, should I say, will prevent any potential problems.
  • Insured: Professionals that can make your life easier will always keep the proper insurance to protect you as the homeowner, but to also protect their business. A professional will care about the customer’s property in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, but they will also care about their employees and keep workman’s comp and other required insurances.
  • Reviewed: When you find a company you like, check out some review sites real quick before making a hiring decision. This will give you some insight into whether this company is actually performing the type of work that you are hiring them for.
  • Net 30 (Commercial Clients): Many customers that enter in a search like “businesses that cleanout houses” work for a company and have to run payments for large jobs through accounting. A company that crosses their t’s and dots their i’s will be able to receive payment Net 15 or Net 30 to accommodate.
  • Price: It always matters in the end! Find a company that offers a reasonable rate for the exchange of services. In example, at Fire Dawgs, we definitely are not the cheapest because we’ll never be able to beat the uninsured, unlicensed pickup truck operations of the world. However, we aren’t the most expensive either. We try to price our service fairly and will work with customers to come to agreeable terms.
  • Helpful: A good company will help you even if they can’t make the sale. In example, Fire Dawgs might not win your business because you may end up choosing to do the work yourself. In that case, you still will need a disposal solution so we would refer you to a dumpster rental company to help with the waste and debris.
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Fire Dawgs Cleans Out Homes and Businesses

Hopefully this guide will help you in your search for businesses that clean out houses. For additional information, email [email protected] or call 317-291-DAWG

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