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Catch Fire Dawgs’ Joe on the Go

Jun 8, 2020 | Blog, Events

The Fire Dawgs Junk Removal team recently had Joe Melillo from WISH-TV out to our headquarters in Indianapolis. Joe was a Fire Dawg for a day, and it was so fun to show him what we do here at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. You may have seen Joe’s show on WISH-TV called Joe on the Go.

Joe highlights local businesses, tourist spots, and events in the Indianapolis area and throughout the state, and he has fun doing it! Fire Dawgs is a small, local business, so having Joe and WISH-TV is a huge deal for us. We were so excited to be featured on the show!

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Joe on the Go

Our Day with Joe on the Go

During Joe’s day at Fire Dawgs, he learned how to demo a shed and haul away some junk. He started his day off by joining our team at Role Call first thing in the morning. Then, Joe and his cameraman followed our team as we performed morning truck check out and fueled up for the day.

After morning duty, he hopped on a truck and went to our first job of the day. As we mentioned before, this was a shed tear down here in Indianapolis. Joe and the Fire Dawgs team make this demolition work look easy! After the shed is down and hauled away, they move on to a residential Indianapolis junk hauling job with our president and IFD firefighter, Jeff McDole.

Be sure to catch Fire Dawgs on WISH-TV on Joe on the Go. It airs for the first time today at 11:00 am. Below is the schedule for this week:

Joe on the Go Schedule for This Week

Monday the 8th 11AM Mid-day News

Tuesday the 9th – 8AM Daybreak

Thursday the 11th – 4PM New

Friday June 12th – Air on Indy Style

Saturday the 13th – Weekend Daybreak

We hope you are able to tune and it and see how much fun we had making this! Thank you for stopping by, and have a great week!


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