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Companies Who Clean Out Houses

Sep 7, 2012 | Blog, Services We Provide

Are you Looking for Companies Who Clean Out Houses?

In life, there are a number of different circumstances that can lead you to a point where you are faced with how to handle a house filled with clutter. For starters, you could be a collector and before you know it you are over run with clutter and not everything in your collection is a collectible. Everybody has good old fashioned junk, but the first step in getting rid of it is to realize that you have a problem and that problem is clutter. If your home looks anything like the picture below, it may be time to call for junk pickup Indianapolis can trust. We are, in fact, one of those companies who clean out houses.

As one of those companies who clean out houses, we come across homes often that have a space looking similar to the picture above. However, it is our job to make these spaces go from filled with excess junk and unwanted items and restore those spaces back into usable storage. Not only will we remove the spaces of excess while providing trash hauling Indianapolis can trust, but we will also sweep up afterwards as the picture below indicates.

This may be small potatoes compared to what it is you are looking for. After all, I’ve only described one scenario that may lead a person to be in a house full of rubbish. Other situations are a bit more tragic in comparison. Another event that leads people to our services can be the loss of a loved one that had lived in a home all their lives. We have worked in homes where our customers are clearing out the items accumulated over a lifetime of their parents living together under one roof. They were left with the task of deciding what goes and that is a difficult process that requires a level of sensitivity that our off duty firefighters and veterans are capable of handling on a consistent basis. For example, take this picture from an estate cleanout.

Basement Clean out Indianapolis

Basement Clean Out Indianapolis Before

While doing our best to work efficiently to keep the customer happy and so they could see we are a hard working company, we also recognized that while working with our clients that they still had a level of attachment with some of the items. We knew that we needed to be patient and respect the process by giving our customer time to go through the items, tell a story or two and ultimately decide what they wanted to do with the items. We were happy to do it because while we are the best of the best when it comes to companies who clean out houses, we know that the key to maintaining a successful business is providing the best customer service experience possible. After a long and worthwhile process, we took their basement, which was the most mild room in the house, and made this and all the other rooms look like this after picture.

Basement Cleanout Indianapolis After

Basement Cleanout Indianapolis After

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