DIY Hot Tub Removal

DIY Hot Tub Removal

15 January 2015

Do have a need to remove your old hot tub, but are not ready to pay for a company to do the work for you? No worries! Just because we aren’t winning your business doesn’t mean we still won’t help you take care of the job yourself! For DIY Hot Tub Removal, follow these basic steps.

Steps for DIY Hot Tub Removal

DIY Hot Tub Removal
DIY Hot Tub Removal

1. Before you get all excited and start wiping the dust off all your power tools, be sure to locate a power supply. The tools won’t do you much good if you don’t have a power source or if you need to run to Lowe’s to get an extension cord.
2. Make sure that you have a disposal solution in place. A 16 Cubic Yard Dumpster from Dumpster Dawgs should do the trick just fine and on a two day rental, it can cost as low as $270. If you have a pickup truck, then you can probably make it work in two trips with a tarp and straps and just pay the disposal fee at the landfill.
3. Locate the power relay box for the hot tub and make sure the power is off. If the hot tub still has juice when you start cutting then you’re gonna experience some electrical juice for yourself.
4. Remove the hot tub cover and cover arm, if there is one
5. Remove all the side panels of the hot tub
6. Cut and remove all wiring and remove the power supply board from the hot tub
7. Loosen or cut all the pipes leading to the motors and remove motors from the hot tub
8. Break or cut all vertical supports of the hot tub
9. Use saw to cut hot tub into quarters. Cut any pipes holding pieces together
10. Cut or break the bottom frame and plastic tray
11. Pick up all tools
12. Sweep up around former hot tub site and truck
13. Collect payment and complete job

General Warnings:

You will be using electric tools and disconnecting electrical wiring around an object full of water. Ensure the tools, wires and cords stay out of water. Try not to stand in standing water in case a live wire comes in contact with the water. Ensure you have proper footing when lifting and cutting. It is recommended to wear eye glasses or goggles, gloves and a mask. Many hot tubs are made of or have fiberglass in them and can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat.

For more question on DIY Hot Tub Removal, call 1-800-712-JUNK (5865) or email [email protected] If you need p for your DIY hot tub removal project, check out our brother company Dumpster Dawgs.