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Farmhouse Garden Junk Ideas and Inspiration

25 July 2016

If you are into all things rusty, reclaimed, and galvanized this post is for you! Today we are going to be talking about garden junk. Using salvaged items is a fun and frugal way to add visual interest to your outdoor space. And now with all things Farmhousey and vintage being on trend, repurposing junk outdoors is more popular than ever.

We have collected ideas for repurposing garden junk from our own gardeners here at Fire Dawgs. We are also featuring some garden junk ideas and inspiration from the creative folks over at Flea Market Gardening. 

Farmhouse Garden Junk Inspiration

As our gallery of garden junk inspiration shows, anything rusty, wooden, galvanized, or reclaimed is right at home in a farmhouse style garden. An old iron trellis can add vertical visual interest. Using old galvanized buckets is a quick way to add color. Just pop in flowers from your favorite local nursery, and you’ll add farmhouse style to your garden in seconds!

Old wooden crates look great on any outdoor (or indoor table) holding pots of old fashioned plants like pansies or roses. OH! And old spoons. They make unique farmhouse plant markers. All you have to do is flatten the spoon and stamp out the words using a metal stamping kit that can be found at almost any craft store. How cute are they?!

The key to making junk work in your farmhouse or cottage style garden is to find pieces that hold flowers. An example of this can be found in the old rusty bike and basket holding annuals in the photo above. We have seen gardeners use old wash tubs, funnels, chairs, baskets, and milk cans in a similar fashion. Now, here are some of our favorite uses for garden junk from the creative and super helpful folks over at Flea Market Gardening!

Even More Garden Junk Ideas from Flea Market Gardening

Credits and Links to the Projects above Featured on 

Flannel Planter: Funnel Planter by Dandi Gentry found Here on Flea Market Gardening.Org

Upcycled Bicycle: This up cycled bicycle is by Jessica Eiss-Healthcoach found Here on Flea Market Gardening’s Blog

Old Tools on Rake Head: This project can be found Here on Flea Market Gardening. Also, more ways to use use and display old tools in your garden can be found in this post: How to Display Vintage Tools in the Garden 

Door Fence: Rhonda Schlenker’s ‘door fence’ and other similar old door vignettes can be found Here on

Metal Garden Gate: Jeanne Sammons’s gate and other metal garden gate vignettes can be found Here.

Planted Garden Chair: This sweet planted garden chair is by Cheryl York and others can be found Here. 

Share Your Garden Junk Ideas!

Comment to share the creative ways that you use junk in your garden! We would love to feature your ideas in our next post on repurposing and upcycling junk. Also, feel free to Pin or share this post with your friends using the image below! You can also find more garden junk inspiration over at Flea Market Gardening’s Facebook Page. Take care!

Garden Junk Inspiration