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Haul Away Services

Jan 26, 2013 | Blog, Services We Provide

The fact of the matter is, when you call for haul away services, you more often than not need those services sooner rather than later. In fact, we have found that a lot of customers want “same day” haul away services. Now, while this may not always be possible, it is a quality junk removal company’s responsibility to do what they can to meet the customer’s demand. It starts with the phone call or email.

Haul Away Services Operator
Haul Away Services Call Center

You see, a lot of whether or not we work with a customer starts with our ability to effectively communicate our services. Our pricing is all inclusive and includes the cost of our laborers, our disposal fees as well as our transportation fees associated with our RECYCLE, REUSE AND DONATE process. When the customer calls with a quick description of the things they need removed, it is our responsibility to clearly explain our FREE ESTIMATE process that allows us to give customers a firm price we can stand behind. See, when company’s just spew out numbers over the phone, those companies often find themselves trying to back pedal once they get on scene for the job. We, on the other hand, try to get the customer to let us come out and take a look at the scope of work so we can give the customers a fair price. However, in the event the customer will not allow us to come out to give a quote, we will do our best to give a price range that the load could fall within.

Haul Away Services

At Fire Dawgs, we pride ourselves in providing unparalleled customer service and we have been rewarded for those efforts by winning the Super Service Award in 3 Categories and being named an BBB A+ Rated and Recipient of the 2020 Torch Award for Business of Integrity Winner. If you have a need for Haul Away Services, call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected]. Often times, the need for haul away services derives from the relocation or moving process.

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