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Help Clean Out Garage

Feb 15, 2013 | Blog, Services We Provide

Last summer, I cleaned out my garage to get it ready for some afternoon barbeques, race parties for the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400, as well as just making room so that I can start laying out the plans for my future man cave. The parties came and went, a little beer pong was played, the grill was put in full swing and good times were had. However, Indiana is a state of four seasons and some summer came and went. Another season took summer’s place and my vision for a garage oasis faded with the lack of daylight in the evening. As sure as the snow falls, I started filling the garage back up with things that we would use for the following summer and before long I was just creating future work and again, would ask friends to help clean out garage space for our festivities.

The above picture is from a job where a customer of ours shared my garage clutter problem. This customer, like me, had to resort to cleaning out the garage once a year to make space for the garage that they wanted and not the one their junk had created. They need a company to help clean out garage space the customer aimed to use for among other things, to park their car! They knew they needed help but they didn’t want just any company or group of haulers. They wanted a screened, reputable and highly reviewed company. They had found us on Angie’s List where we had the most reviews among all other junk removal companies in 2012. We were happy to oblige to the customers call for screened removers and didn’t disappoint when we showed up with our crew of guys with navy blue pants and red polos with clean cut haulers. Here is the after picture of the work that we completed with our professional junk removal company.

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Help Clean Out Garage

You see, we aim to not just meet customers expectations, but we try to surpass them. We showed up, loaded up the items and then explained to the customer that we were going to take the unwanted items and Recycle, Reuse or Donate as many of those items as possible. In the event we were able to donate anything on the customers behalf, we would send back the donation receipt so the customer has something to help with tax purposes. After that, we swept up the garage space, giving the customer one less thing to worry about. After that we thanked the customer for their call for us to help clean out garage space and went on our way to our next job. If you have a need for a company to help clean out garage space, then call our award winning service at Fire Dawgs. We provide junk removal Indianapolis can trust and always aim to please our customers!

Call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] for your junk removal needs. However, if you are clearing out garage space because you are looking moving companies Indianapolis can trust, then consider our brother company Moving Dawgs.

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