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Hot Tub Removal and Recycling

Sep 24, 2013 | Blog, Services We Provide

As the seasons change, so does the outlook on the decaying hot tub that sits in your backyard. What was once an enjoyable part of your outdoor living space has now become a piece of equipment that lacks its original functionality. When it first went down it was a piece of equipment that needed replaced and you may have told yourself that you would get around to replacing it, but some of the parts and labor into repairing these pieces can be expensive. So, you may have put it on the bottom of your priority list. As is often the case, time passes and the things at the bottom of our priority lists tend to stay there indefinitely. In the meantime, the hot tub becomes a little more weathered, worn and in need of removal or replacement. When you make the decision to get rid of your hot tub, choose a company that will provide both hot tub removal and recycling.

hot tub removal and recycling
Hot Tub Removal and Recycling Before

The picture above illustrates our Fire Dawgs team in the middle of a breaking down the hot tub into manageable pieces so that we can remove it and dispose of it responsibly. However, when performing the tear down of the hot tub, we are also able to pull out the pieces and parts that can be recycled. When you hire Fire Dawgs, we perform both the hot tub removal and recycling portion of the job thereby making us a responsible solution to all of your junk removal needs.

Hot Tub Removal and Recycling After

As the picture above illustrates, we don’t just finish the job and high tail it out of there. Instead, we take the extra time to make sure that the spae we were working in is swept up and cleaned up of any remaining debris. We want the space to appear as though we were never even there. The only thing you should be thinking about after we leave is what you can do with your new space! The next time you need hot tub removal and recycling, call the professionals at Fire Dawgs: 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected]

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